SnapProc PL/SQL,Pro*C Proc CodeGenerator 2.0

No Image programme command file in association with the table(s), a working process is obtained. SnapProc lets you: - Run processes from your own application programmes. - Relate multiple tables using one to one and one to many relationships. - Freely place and move data column(s) in all areas of the Process layout: title, group headers, detail, group footers and summary. - Update or Append to other table(s) conditionally. - Calculate and source new column

42 Panasonic Plasma TV 1.0: 42 Panasonic Plasma TV, free affiliate page generator software.
42 Panasonic Plasma TV 1.0

42 Panasonic Plasma TV, free affiliate page generator software. Anyone looking to buy a 42 inch plasma wants the best money can buy, a high performance picture at the best possible price. The new range of plasma televisions from Panasonic are now a match for the very best and are attracting best reviews and ratings from the industry. Panasonic now have some of the best 42-inch plasma televisions on the market for the best quality performance.

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Auscomp Fort Knox - German 4.0.13

Auscomp Fort Knox - Der zentrale Tresor für das Management & die Kontrolle sensibler Daten. Wo sonst würden Sie Ihre wertvollsten & sensiblen Informationen aufbewahren? Sichere Verschlüsselung und Schutz BELIEBIGER sensibler Dateien oder Informationen (PINs, Passwörter, Konten, Dokumente, Pässe, Bilder, Programme etc...) mit nur EINEM Master-Password unter Verwendung des aktuellsten 448bit-Blowfish-Verschlüsselungsalgorithmus.

safe, website, daten, sicher, kennwort, tresor, login, passwort, sicherheit, verschl sselung, schutz

HD Observer 2.0: Wollen Sie den Inhalt Ihrer Festplatte genau überprüfen können?
HD Observer 2.0

Wollen Sie den Inhalt Ihrer Festplatte genau überprüfen können? Wollen Sie die Dateien, die sich auf Ihrem Computer bei der Software Installation, beim Downloaden, beim Internet Surfs... oder anderen Ereignissen kopieren, genau beobachten! Möchten Sie die Überwachungsmodule, die Startseite Ihres Web-Browser, sowie die Programme, die automatisch mit Windows starten, genau kontrollieren? Wollen Sie wissen, von welcher Internet-Adresse eine Datei ko

internet, spyware, uninstallation, install, sicherheit, virus, uninstall, installation, download

Qedoc Quiz Maker 2.60: Easily create, manage and publish powerful quizzes and learning games.
Qedoc Quiz Maker 2.60

The Qedoc Quiz Maker is a programme for creating interactive learning content. Its outstanding features are the unusually wide range of question and game types, together with its ease of use. Any quiz or learning game you create is also automatically linked into an online high-score system, allowing players a degree of interaction over the internet. The content-sharing concept enables educational authors to share and build on each other`s work.

learning software, elearning, quiz maker, quiz, test preparation, flashcards, vocabulary trainer, teaching tools, interactive lessons, quiz software, interactive training

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 1.20: Whip your photos into shape with just a click of the mouse!
Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 1.20

The Ashampoo Photo Optimizer is really a world sensation, which every user with a digital camera almost imperatively needs. The programme opens individual pictures and shows them in its window. A single click of the mouse is enough to optimize the photo entirely. The effect of this optimization does not fail to impress. The photos changed by the Ashampoo Photo Optimizer are livelier, brighter, lighter, sharper and have a stronger contrast.

ashampoo, multimedia, viewer, photo, other, graphic

TicTac 1.0: TicTac is a classic logic game.
TicTac 1.0

It is a fun board game that is easy to learn but hard to master. You play against the computer, laying out Xs and Os. The object is to build a row of five, horizontally, vertically,or diagonally. Tic-Tac is a challenge for those who are tired of Solitaire,Minesweeper, and Freecell. A powerful intellectual programme will enable you to enjoy your time and develop your logical thinking.

game, logic

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